Are Chimpanzees Known As Smart Animals?

If you are looking for information about any type of animals that are known as the smart animals, have you ever wondered chimpanzees? Animals are so close to the life of humans, even more, when you take care of the pet, such as cat, puppy, or another type of pet. When it comes to talking about the smart animal, here is what you need to know. Some people don't know that chimpanzees are one of the smartest animals in the world. For sure, you can read this article until the last word.

Researchers have done the measurement how well about 99 captive chimpanzees performed on a series of cognitive tests. Well, have you ever thought about the intelligence of animal? To get more info about the intelligence of chimpanzees, you can conduct the next research or ask researcher who has conducted research in knowing the intelligence level of these animals.

How Dolphin Can Find Other Individuals

You may love to see any actions shown by Dolphins. If it is right, you then have the reason to be curious about this animal. Just like Ravens and chimpanzees, Dolphins are intelligent animals who have the unique culture. Believe it or not, these animals have been observed teaching young how to use tools. You can see when coming to the certain place, where Dolphins are able to see by people. You usually can find your friends after sending them a message or by calling them, right?

Dolphins have the signature whistle. This allows any Dolphin to recognize each other. On the other words, unlike humans that need the help of technology product to find another individual, this animal just need to use their signature whistle. That is why Dolphin has developed forms of communications. Find more facts and you will have reasons even to see Dolphins almost every day.

Interesting Facts About Elephants

People mostly know that elephants are the large mammals of the family Elephantidae and the order Proboscidea. Unfortunately, most of them never know that this animal is another type of animals that the world recognizes as the smart animals. You love to play and enjoy your holiday with this animal but don't know what Elephants have while other animals don't have. There are some behaviors that show how smart this animal is.

Elephants can identify the language. The research has been conducted by the researcher at the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK. They discovered that elephants can distinguish the differences in human age and gender by the sound of the voice of someone. In another hand, these animals also understand the body language of the human. You can test this by hiding the container of food and let them find the container with food. Use your right hand to hold the empty container and the left hand for a container with food. See what will happen when the elephant can find where the food is.

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